(Mother of Sanjana Sundar and Sindhu Sundar)

I heard about Shiny from a colleague as we were discussing how important the right food was for young children in sports. My daughter was a young swimmer when I took her to Shiny. At that time, she was a 11-year old that loved the water but was struggling with stomach aches and severe fatigue.

At our appointment, Shiny picked up the conversation with my daughter and got to fully understand her likes and dislikes. She quickly diagnosed her as lactose and gluten intolerant even without any blood tests and switched her off these food items, while recommending generous portions of other foods that my daughter loved. While I was in complete denial of her judgment because my daughter loved rotis and milk, Shiny was still able to strongly influence her by beautifully simplifying the food choices and motivating her to look up to other gluten and lactose free Olympians. In less than a month of following the generic diet outlay recommended by Shiny, I watched my daughter transform into a competitor, rapidly reducing her times, and challenging others in all sports. Her academic performance also improved. Shiny was constantly in touch with us to recommend the right foods for various day to day issues for quite a few months after our initial visit - always telling us about the right recovery and energy foods without recommending sports supplements at that age.

I have no hesitation in recommending Shiny to any sports parent who would like their child to perform well and be happy.