(Avid Quilter and Chanting teacher)

About me - At a recent dining event, my banana leaf was the centre of attention. After a meal with 6 veggies, rice, paruppu, sambhar, rasam, thogayal, 2 sweets, 2 thayir pachadis, vadai and payasam - my leaf was empty and i had tasted everything and i was walking around as light as a feather. Hard to choose what to eat when there are so many options. I chose all veggies, vadai, payasam and thayiru. I skipped sambhar and rasam (because i eat them at home all the time). I had a little of everything by restricting the amount of serving even as i was being served. So no wastage.

About Shiny - When she first asked me to leave rice and wheat it was hard and yet she supported me and encouraged me to persist with my efforts. Over time, i have begun to love the different tastes of the veggies and in weddings and events i decide beforehand what i want to focus on, and I stick to that. I have eaten an average of 1 wedding meal every week and yet i have maintained my reduced weight.

Thanks to her - I have learnt to eat nutrition dense foods even in parties/ weddings/ events and I now know that it is possible to eat smart and stay healthy and light. I am human and i do indulge once in a while. But i am able to quickly get back on track only because i now know eating is a total mind game. Of course i still have to fight temptation but i dont succumb very easily anymore. It certainly helps that non-nutritious food simply doesn't enter the house.

Shiny, thank you for helping me lose about 15 kilos and i have managed to stay that way for over 2 years now. Losing weight is easy, staying healthy and fit is a lifelong commitment and you taught me well. Thank you for transforming my life.