Mrs. Vanessa Bagdy.,

(Business, Chennai)

I was hesitant getting into this, as all my previous diets had been a disaster, with me practically starving myself and just not knowing the right way. However, my weight was becoming unmanageable and whatever I did at home wasn’t enough to control the weight gain.

Hence, I decided to take the plunge and it is been the best decision I have made this year in 2022.

The fact that this is a 3-month commitment with a gradual change in diet, made it seamless and easy. With constant supervision from Pavithra and Karpagam, I was motivated consistently and not a day went by where I was allowed to slack. Post 3 months, I am more aware of the choices I make with food, it is a habit now to choose the right food, I am genuinely more invested in my diet and I take it seriously every day. It’s brought about a lifestyle change. It is been a great journey and I am so glad I did it.