Mrs. Vaishnavi Venkataramanan.,

(Engineer, California)

With so much going on I was able to lose my basic weight. Karpagam is now more a friend to me than a coach. I was around 170lbs and now I am 150 lbs. There were several days I was cheating and just could not keep up. It is just me and my cravings. I am doing better than before. I am able to stick to my goals better. But I had myself accountable to her. It made a lot of difference and learning to eat clean. It takes time and I gave that time and she also let me give my time and allow myself to the new routine. I have learnt to drink more water and those days when I lack, I consciously know I need to step up. Now when I go to restaurant, I always have a salad and started relishing it. This itself is a big change for me. Indian foods have been the hardest for me so far. I am still learning to portion control. Thanks to Karpagam for the coaching me. Thanks, Shiny.