Hello there!, here I am sharing my wonderful journey of transformation from 114Kgs (Oct 2016) to 94Kgs (June 2017) now. Insulin resistance, desk jobs, Zero work outs, irritable bowel syndrome and the stress of this and that, I had been immensely obese for a decade.

That is when My physiotherapist at SRMC Sports centre suggested Shiny Surendran(My most beautiful and efficient Nutritionist). With the help of LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet which she meticulously planned for me, I adapted to eating clean and dealt with my issues. Shiny ma’am you have been a constant support throughout these 6 to7 months, replying always to my silly doubts and absurd queries and guiding me completely step by step. I have no words to thank you enough.

A bad work out is the workout you missed today. That said, my pillar of strength, my coach and motivator, Mohammed Ajaz, my hubby love, trained me and also came along for every single workout at the gym and swim 6 days a week alternatively.