(Team Leader- Exports For Saint Gobain Inida Pvt Ltd, Chennai)

My name is Sunil Valluri, aged 54 years, working as Team Leader – Exports for Saint Gobain India Private Limited, Chennai. I travel extensively abroad for work. I have alcohol and smoking addiction. I was obese, weighing 102 Kgs on 1 st of February, 2016. I felt weak, tired, non-energetic and had severe acidity.

I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle to lead a good quality life with my family and see my sons grow and succeed in their life. I wanted to look presentable and be confident, successful at my work.

I quit smoking but that didn’t help much. I took my company President’s advice, I found Ms. Shiny Chandran who was closer to my office. She analyzed my lifestyle, my food habits and routines, then gave me a simple diet to follow which I did religiously. Eventually, it started showing results. I weight came down to 77.4Kgs. I regained my confidence, I became presentable and doing well at my work.

I became very active, never lazy. The diet given by Mrs. Shiny is so interesting that the craving for other food is gone completely and the diet has become my normal food. I had to change my entire wardrobe. My waist from 42 became 34, Shirts size reduced to 40 from 44 and 46 based on the brands. I play Shuttle badminton 1.30 to 2.00 hrs every day. I learned to say no to the tongue. I make a standard meal plan and strictly follow it. When Mrs. Shiny Chandran knew that I travel, she and their team made a plan based on the foods available in those countries. Example: In Lebanon, we can have Hummus etc. She is very knowledgeable, realistic and helping her clients to follow her diets charts with ease. I call her Lady Magician.