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When Dr. Usha Sriram sent a note stating “do the needful. Srividhya has been obese since 10 years and her attempts have not helped much, our team plunged into action”. Srividhya is 44years old came with low energy levels, fatty lever, insulin resistance, muscle weakness, acidity, hypertension plus excess weight – the challenge was also that she was a pure vegetarian. Her daily intake was primarily wheat or oats porridge for breakfast, brown rice with sambar, kootu, rasam for lunch, idily, dosa for evening snack, Horlicks and wheat rava upma or brown rice for dinner. There were limitations on her workouts with constant aches and pains, aged parents at home, so fixed meal plan. In 5months, she shed 8.6Kgs, waist-8cms, abdomen-10cms, hip-7cms. The improvement in energy levels helped her start with 20mins brisk walk. The best part was when she visited Dr. Usha’s clinic and she shared her weight loss story with her colleagues, Srividhya was beaming as she narrated the experience. Good work Rachel Deepthi by offering assistance and clarifying her doubts from time to time.