(Classical dancer, Teacher- Banglore)

I got in touch with Shiny through Dr. Krishnan Raman, I am a classical dancer and had issues with health, mainly lower back pain (L3 & L5) and severe conditions of numbness in my left leg. My doctor suggested that I lose weight in order to recover completely. I live in Bangalore and connect through phone with Shiny, the online consults worked fine with her assistants offering all support working together as a team. My diet was changed from time to time and I reduced 14kgs weight over a period of 5months. I am back to my dancing days, attending other workshops/jathi classes supporting my dance needs. I got my energy and confidence back. Must admit, the energy levels were not dipping, in spite of my lethargic and unpredictable schedules. That’s what impressed me with Shiny’s diet plans. Even when I travelled to Singapore for a vacation, I managed to maintain weight. Proper planning helped me enjoy the vacation without the stress of gaining weight. I now have the knowledge of good food choices that suits my body without compromising on my nutrients and overall health. Thanks Shiny.