My son, Srikar, who is super passionate about Badminton and trains and plays the game as well is a huge fan of Shiny. In fact , I am too. We were recommended very highly that we must visit her and take her advice by a very dear friend (very, very grateful, cricket coach Sriram Sridharan). At that time, Srikar was 14 years, and had been playing serious Badminton for a few years. He had started cramping and we didn’t have a clue why. At that time, we decided to seek Shiny’s help. And since then, she has been an integral part of Srikar’s training and fitness regime. We don’t live in the same city as her, yet she has always been available with her guidance and advice on phone, whatsapp and even on skype. What I really admire is her forthrightness and her ability to connect with Srikar so easily. And her earnestness and sincerity. She came to as a blessing and continues to remain as one in our lives. Srikar used to be a very fussy eater, with Shiny’s help, that has become much much better and he eats whatever Shiny recommends, without too much fuss! Now, he is 17, he is in regular touch with Shiny and is doing very well in his chosen profession as well.

He is currently ranked 7 in Karnataka under 19 boys singles and as of last year, ranked 20 in Karnataka men’s singles.

Currently training with Anup Sridhar in his academy