(Model, Make-up Artist, Dazzle Mrs India)

How do I describe Sridevi Ramesh’s journey, this pretty lady has a crazy work schedule .. late night shoots, running her own parlour, travels all around to upgrade her skills plus conducts classes for budding make up artists plus balancing demands at home. I was left wondering how she is going to manage healthy eating habits amidst this busy life she leads, trust she took me by surprise. Late night shoots – grilled meat, kebabs, homemade sundal, fresh fruits and nuts, recently she went to Madurai for 3 days: carried 3 pomegranates for each day. Everyday she would deseed n carry a box for snacking between her workshop, Meal replacement, meat, salads and eggs filled the rest of the day. While in Chennai, home made food was always carried to shooting spots or would request client to arrange for grilled food. What I loved about her was the commitment n consistency irrespective of work pressure, I respect you lady. Goal was to be healthy and have energy for her demanding work schedule. Nothing stopped her from shedding 10Kgs, reduced 9.5 cm around waist, 12 cm around abdomen, 11 cm in her lower body. You are work in progress and am excited about our next target.