Dr. Sneha Dev.,

I just wanted to say a huge and sincere thanks to Nirosha and Karpagam. I had given up on my weight loss, healthy lifestyle and body. My sister Shriya was truly an inspiration to me.

When she'd do her lifestyle changes, I've always made fun of her and did my unhealthy ways.

There were so many fluctuations in my weight which was extremely stressful.

Hormones, hair and gut faced the brunt of the this.

After giving this a chance, loosing weight in my stubborn fat phase, learning how to portion my food, how to enjoy the process and stay patient, drinking more water (which I never imagined) and how it is totally possible to maintain this for life are some of the takeaways I have gained.

This has been very motivational and a positive experience for me. Thank you very much for your efforts, support, vigilance and kindness.

I'm really grateful for the both of you and these 3 months.

As a doctor, it is important that I stay healthy so that I can motivate and advocate this to my patients with lifestyle diseases.

I now have confidence in me and my body, a defined jaw line and neck, a weight number I never ever thought I'd reach, the healthiest lifestyle and weight loss plus a happier me.