Vijayashree Ramesh

"I wish to share my real-life experience after I met Mrs. Shiny Chandran, through my ortho, in Sept 2018. For the first 15 days she gave me a diet of half a cup rice, later quinoa, along with good amount of veggies, for lunch, breakfast with whey protein along with pears or green apple. In-between consisted of green tea with walnuts, coffee, orange fruit with pista and dinner with either soup or veggies again. Later I was told to be off rice from October and strictly I follow this diet and it has been working wonders folks. You have to motivate yourself to not only follow the strict diet regime, but also go for walks at least for half an hour every day. Believe me it worked wonders for me, it will be for you too. At the beginning I weighed 70 now I have come to 61kgs within 3 three months and still maintain and trying to reduce more now to bring it to 58kgs. Where there is a will there is a way my friends. Shiny Chandran madam is really awesome. ”