Mr. Shravan Kumar.,

I enrolled for a 90 day program with the Art of Eating team under the leadership of Shiny Surendran ma'am. I was mentored well through knowledge and motivation by the duo of Ishwarya and Karpagam. I really needed help in understanding my nutritional needs and the balance of various essential supplements. There were visible regressions along the way I moved about and felt prior to commencing the program. Adding to a relatively sedentary work and inadequate awareness of food, this program was the best thing to happen to me.

At the first meeting, after the blood work, Ishwarya clearly explained the process. The pitfalls that are seen in my daily regime and the type of activities I needed to incorporate to change the numbers and start feeling good again. But this was not a simple checklist nor a list of things to do. lshwarya and Karpagam have been guiding on a daily basis, monitoring my food habits and daily routine, which helped motivate a great deal.

The 90 day program has given me good awareness. I am now at a great baseline upon which I will continue to build on the routine I have learnt. This truly is a lifestyle changing lesson. I thank the team fo the support and will collaborate with them in future for a different goal and next level progression. Wishing the team the very best and finally. Thanks so much Ishwarya, Karpagam and Shiny ma'am.