PCOS and work from home (due to this pandemic situation) made me to gain some additional weight in recent times. No matter what, all my efforts to reduce my weight was gone in vain due to my lifestyle and food habits. That is when my gynaecologist Dr.Kanimozhi suggested about Nutritionist Shiny so that I can follow a better lifestyle with commitment. Off course, I joined Shiny's family of being fit. I'm overwhelmed with the support given by Shiny and Rebecca. Thank you both.

Key points I was astonished about their support

  1.   Effort they take to understand my lifestyle, likes, dislikes.
  2.   Weekly catch up to understand what went good and bad.
  3.   Researching for me to make me consistent.
  4.   Giving me Revised meal plan as per my likes.
  5.   Work out suggestions and ideas.

I followed my meal plan diligently and was involved in Yoga & Workout. With support of Rebecca and Shiny I was able to reduce 5kgs in 40 days. Right now, I'm 73kg and still continuing to my destiny of being fit.