"This is Remya. Am happy to share the transformation I was able to achieve with the diet suggested by Shiny Chandran.

The Before picture I have shared is as on January 2018. I was weighing 74 kgs. Due to stress and many other related factors my weight increased and reached this point in January last year. I met Mrs. Shiny in the month of March. After a detailed analysis of my routine and food habits, she suggested a modified diet. I had issues like irregular periods, small boils kind of on my chin, and total heaviness in the body. The modified diet contains no gluten, less diary, no carrots, beetroots, no biscuits, pastries. I can have one or two in a week. Not at all a tough diet to follow. I did follow it religiously for next two weeks. And to my surprise, I lost 2 to 3 cms on my whole body. Above all I was feeling so light. So good from inside too.

I followed the diet from then on and once I moved to Australia, I got a modified Australian diet from the same doctor and it worked too. The current picture is from Australia and am back in shape perfectly now. Thanks to Mrs. Shiny Chandran and Mrs. Karpagam for all the guidance throughout. ”