Rangesh AB

I used to be fit, in the last year and a half. I lost the momentum and added a lot of weight, my weight reached the scary 3-figure mark. I got very worried and had to put together my own diet and workout regimen. I saw results in the first 2 to 3 weeks, post which things went downhill, basically nothing was going right with regards to my weight loss, despite killing myself in the gym and eating all healthy foods that I know off and learned from Google. Results were not coming through. This phase was actually making me lose confidence and I was beginning to stress eat. I was keen to understand where I was going wrong, I had exhausted all my accumulated wisdom. This is when I had met up with Shiny for directions. They say “God is in the details”! This adage applies to Shiny so perfectly.

Shiny spent enough time understanding my existing diet and workout regimen in greater detail and then she made some workable yet magical tweaks to my existing diet. The detailing was so awesome that she made me realise where I was going wrong and what was my existing regimen doing to my body.

The highlight about Shiny’s meal plan was she knew that i was not new working out and dieting, she didn’t ask me to buy some super food or some exotic fancy ingredient that isn’t easily available or sustainable. All of what she recommended was within our daily diet ecosystem, sustainable and are easily available at a store next door. I totally believed in her and went through with her belief and voila! Those extra kilos started to melt away like candle wax. You can belt yourself for 2 to 3 hours in the gym, if you are not eating right and resting well, nothing is going to work out for you. The results would be a distant mirage.

When I met Shiny in the month of Sept 2018 I was weighing a whopping 97 kgs. I was able to drop 14.5 kgs by Feb ’19, in a span of 6 months. Right now I weigh 82.5 kgs, and I’m well on my way to achieve my target weight in just a few weeks. Thank you Shiny for making me enjoy the journey of weight loss, making dieting fun & motivating and for imparting vital information & wisdom on nutrition.