Dr. Prasanna

(Radiologist, Chennai)

I have been overweight for the past 4-5 years. Tried a dietician plan 2 years back but with not much result. I was fed with up with my body. Then I came across Shiny’s diet clinic in Instagram page and got a consultation done. Ms.Pavithra was assigned to me at an initial stage for assessment. I had an audio consultation with a big list of questionnaires for the assessment which included my food habits, sweet cravings, my favourite foods, health / medical issues. I sent my body measurements according to their instructions. I was weighing 90 kgs at the start of the plan. I took a 3-month diet plan programme. Mrs. Karpagam was assigned to me. I was a given a complete plan for one month which included what I should eat from morning till night, what I should avoid, including meal and sleep timing. Both of them took so much care in my diet plan asking for photo updates of foods I eat for every meal, assess the food and amount I eat, kept stressing on foods to avoid.

After a month a complete assessment was made including my body measurements, weight and again a list of questionnaires. Then a plan for next month was issued. I didn’t believe what was happening to me. I gradually started to lose my weight. First month I lost 5 kgs, Next month 3 kgs and last month 3 more kgs. Now I am weighing just 79 kgs. Never been under 82 kgs for the past 4-5 years. They made it possible. All my friends, relatives, colleague everybody started telling me that I have lost weight. I am wearing my old shirts and pants which I kept aside because of my weight.

Thanks a ton, to my team Pavithra and karpagam man for providing me the correct inputs, assessing my every meal and motivating me. Both of them never failed to assist me, push me for healthy foods and when I skip sending the meal pictures, they will keep questioning me.

I want to appreciate two things with this plan and team. I had to travel to multiple places in the last 2 months and I had to eat hotel foods. I was worried that my diet plan with be disturbed and again I will start gaining weight. But they gave a separate diet plan for travel containing what are the foods we can have and avoid in hotels. It helped a lot and made me to be inside the weight loss plan.

Second thing is now I have completed my plan and now they have assessed me again. They are giving me a final plan for next year to maintain my weight and they have asked me to be under their assessment for 1 year. Initially I was worried after the plan that I can put back the weight I lost. But with this I am so grateful that I chose the perfect team to take care of weight issues.

My team, Pavithra and Karpagam mam have done a great job to make an impossible task possible.