Ms. Pooja Anand.,

I had the privilege of undergoing a three month nutrition program for weight loss and overall well-being, guided by the expertise of Shiny and her dedicated team. The results I have been truly transformative, and I can't express my gratitude enough.Over the course of this program, I achieved a remarkable weight loss of approximately 7 kilograms. But what's even more incredible is the lifestyle changes it has instilled in me.

I have learned to make healthier choices, and my plate is now a vibrant mix of fruits, seeds, vegetables, and wholesome sources of protein. Thanks to Shiny's program, I now possess the knowledge of what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat, empowering me to make informed dietary choices. The positive effects on my energy levels have been astounding. I feel more energized, lively, and ready to take on each day with zeal. This newfound vitality has made a significant impact on both my personal and professional life.

I owe a special debt of gratitude to the remarkable nutritionists, Rebecca and KarpagamVinoth, who were assigned to me during the program. Their expertise, guidance, and unwavering support played an instrumental role in my journey towards better health. Their motivation and encouragement pushed me to take those crucial baby steps toward my goals. They were always available to address my queries and provide valuable insights, making the entire experience enriching and fulfilling.

I cannot thank Shiny and her dedicated team enough for the life-changing impact they have had on my well-being. I have not only shed unwanted weight but also gained a wealth of knowledge and healthier habits that will stay with me for life. I am truly grateful for their expertise, unwavering support, and encouragement.