Ms. Lakshmi Devi.,

(Security Analyst, Bangalore)

What started off as a diet plan in the first week, became a lifestyle at the end of three months
This is my second time working with Shiny for my nutrition. As someone trying to get back to my running and fitness, I decided to get my food and nutrition in order. My initial assessment was done by Ishwarya who is very meticulous and helpful. The constant motivation from her and Karpagam helped me stay on track. They are always available to clear any doubts I had, giving me healthy alternatives for my sugar cravings. Mostly, they kept me accountable.

I got my workout routine in place and I started seeing improvements week after week. I am running faster, lifting heavier in the gym and sleeping better. The best part, clothes fit better on me. I did eat outside for a few times in the last 3 months, but I have learnt to make conscious good choices with food. Even if I indulge, it ends with that one meal and I am back on track with next.

The best thing about Shiny's nutrition plan is, it's nothing complicated or fancy. It's typical south Indian food which we have been eating for generations. I didn't have to buy fancy groceries, all I need to eat, are available in the local vegetable/grocery shop.

Now the real challenge is to stay on track with the progress that I've made so far. Looking forward to working with Shiny and team again.