(Director, Technical - PCK -Buderus Specia Steels Pvt Ltd, Chennai)

I have had the pleasure to be introduced to Ms. Shiny Chandran in the month of February 2017. I was then 109Kgs, obese, couldn’t walk for long, had problems in my ankle, high BP and cholesterol, all controlled by medications. She gave the first diet plan that I started to follow rather religiously and lost 5kg in the first month. The subsequent meal plans ensured that I could feel myself getting lighter and based on her advice, I have started to walk around 4-5kms/pay in weekdays and 7-9kms over the weekend and consuming 5-6 litres of water a day. This transformed my lifestyle and in today’s review I was delighted to note that I am closing 89kgs. I am joining the gym thrice a week to strengthen my muscles from next month and getting younger by the day, stopped all medications as there was no need for it considering my current health condition and want to thank her for this wonderful help and kind support.