Ms. Jennifer Monica,

(Homemaker, Porur)

Hi my starting weight was around 79kgs and I am currently weighing 65kgs after 3 months of following the diet plan. I joined shiny mam’s diet program with several issues like ulcer, acid reflux, thyroid, bloating and what not. Initially I was worried that diet will make me starve but the best part is that the diet plans were very much the same that we have at home every day. The diet plans given are very much close to our cuisine and preferences. My dietician Pavithra did a great job. She keeps monitoring me every day on my meal plates and gives suggestions. Only because of that I was able to be on track. Each time after review they keep changing diet plans which actually helped losing further kilos. Great team work. Only because of their motivation and continuous monitoring I was able to lose weight. Also, I am feeling so much better now. No bloating, acid reflux. My thyroid levels have come down. Thanks to shiny mam & team.