(Medical student)

I am a doctor and I’m doing my post-graduation in Anaesthesia at Porur medical college. I have been diagnosed with seronegative spondyloarthrodesis type 1. I have been on multiple medications for arthritis during my postgraduate program. I used to feel hungry and I used to eat a lot and my weight used to go up to 104kgs, which I used to feel myself heavy and tired. I came to know about shiny ma'am through my physiotherapist Mr. Saravanan, and I started my first diet on May 1st. Since then I lost nearly 6 kgs and my weight was 95.6kgs . My blood investigations came back to normal, and I started my second diet on September 14th after reviewing with shiny ma'am. Now I lost nearly 3.5kgs and my current weight is 92.1 kgs. My Rheumatologist was very happy and reduced half of my medications and now I’m only on 1 tablet for arthritis which will also be stopped soon, after a month.

Thanks to Shiny ma'am and her team for giving a good diet and really it showed me good results within a short span of time.  My aim is to lose some more weight and as a doctor I want to be a good role model for my patients.