I have tried several Diet plans in the past. But could not sustain them long as they were not practically possible to implement. I got Ms. Shiny's contact from my Wife's friend and met Shiny Mam in Apr 2017. I desperately wanted to reduce my weight and become more Active in life at that time. Shiny Mam's Diet is very practical and yet effective. Best part is that, her diet plans are designed by including the food we like. I also used to think that following High protein diet is not easy being Vegetarian. Shiny Mam gave various Veg options of Protein sources and I could follow Protein rich diet easily. Not just Diet, she also suggested a great place for workout Gravity Holistic Fitness. In the last 10 months, I lost about 14Kgs weight and 4inches of waist. More importantly I have become more active and feel good every day.