Mrs. Gomathy.,

(IT Engineer, Bangalore)

I never knew that the food we eat right is the best medicine we can give to ourselves. I would like to thank Ms. Shiny and Ms. Karpagam from the bottom of my heart for making me realize the same. My "health repair" journey :) (yes that is how I will call it), has been simply amazing as I travelled it with such wonderful people like Ms. Shiny and Ms. Karpagam. During this journey, many a times I have felt that they cared more for me than myself. They made this journey effortless for me with their constant motivation and follow up.

I started this journey as I had developed multiple deficiencies - Low on Haemoglobin (only 7), Vitamin D and B12, high on cholesterol and to add on was also diabetic. I had created a lot of fatigue due to continuous work and was not regular in exercise due to work load. There was a total imbalance in a lot of these vitals and also work-life where in I got into an urge of getting into depression.

I got Shiny's reference through my sister, who had taken her guidance for her weight loss journey. Shiny called me to understand my eating patterns and also the lifestyle I follow in terms of exercise, sleeping hours etc. She set a detailed customized meal plan, according to my eating patterns, including my likes & dislikes. The amazing fact about the meal plan was that the entire family can follow and not specific to a person...that was a life saver for me and helped me follow it with ease.

This journey has been amazing for the following reasons

  • Food diary -helped me to assess my eating habit through a food diary. Every night when I log my entry to the diary and if something was not right it creates a guilt and it ensures that I am back on track the next day.
  • Exercise regime - Can you believe. I was a person who kept saying "I don't have time" but can't sleep if I don't complete my 8000 to 10000 steps per day
  • Mental health - I just came out of the fatigue I had developed over a period of time...the diet just hit the refresh button. I am feeling so energetic and positive every day.

In just one month my Haemoglobin levels went up to 10 pts and now at 12 pts (which is normal for woman). My diabetes is as low as it could be without any medication :).