(Housewife, Tirupur)

I’m Deivanai, mother of 2 kids and a home-maker. It has always been tough for me to lose weight as a woman who have gone through 3 surgeries.

The one and only person I trusted blindly and approached for a healthy living was Ms. Shiny Surendran. She is a person who knows what is best for an individual without compromising on the likes which is quite important while dieting. Her diet plan which she tailor made for me was so sustainable, that I was able to follow without any cravings considering my dislikes. Like a dream come true moment I have now lost around 11 kgs with good inch loss as well which wouldn’t have been possible without Shiny ma’am and Karpagam ma’am who was continuously monitoring me and helping me with all silly doubts I had.

For those ladies who think weight loss is not possible with kids around, it is not difficult with right person around like ma’am and her team