Deepika Vinoth Kumar

(Homemaker, Chennai)

Hi, I am Deepika from Chennai. Weight loss was a dream for me as I have always tried different methods for weight reduction which never served the purpose. That’s when I got to know about Ms. Shiny Surendran, preventive nutritionist through my friend’s mother

Believe me Shiny was just awesome and the way she consults is definitely motivating. I followed her tailor-made plan which helped me lose from my initial weight of 92 kgs to my current weight of 76 kgs and I am still on my way to achieve my 60’s. I also got my skin issues settled during the process of weight loss as a bonus. I had a skin infection on my nose for which I had been taking medication for past 10 years. Believe me I am out of all those skin issues. Ma’am and her assistants are so helpful at all times, that I am so confident about myself with their support. I would like to thank shiny ma’am for all wonders that had happen to me.