My wellness journey with Shiny was more like an intervention from my mother, who found out about her on Instagram.

I had hit rock bottom health wise due to stress eating and cooking during the lockdown period in 2020. My PCOS kicked in majorly. The severe weight gain during this time was a wakeup call for me to stop abusing my body.

A full blood work revealed a host of health issues besides the weight gain, like cholesterol, calcium and iron deficiency.

Right from day one, I took things seriously and never once wavered from the diet plan. Healthy, wholesome meals, long walks and yoga changed my mindset towards my body, helped me respect it more and take care of it.

With a disciplined approach and willpower, I was able to reduce 5 kg in four weeks and I could not have done it without the constant support and encouragement from Janani from Shiny's team. They ensured that I saw the plan through and motivated me throughout the journey.