Mr. Ajit Rakesh.,


I have been feeling great. Lot of changes in my body from the time I have started till today. Losing almost 14 -15 kilos in 3 months was tremendous, unimaginable and that too without hitting the gym. I feel lot more energetic, confident and active throughout the day. I see an overall improvement on my body in every aspect. My skin also has become bright and smooth without much wrinkles and acne. I had dark skin around my neck so even that is not there now. I don’t feel much cravings often after taking up the diet. Even if it’s there it is there it’s not much. After I took up this diet program, only then I knew the art of eating and what food gives us the right nutrients. So, this has worked wonders for me on a short duration. All thanks to Shiny Ma’am for the unique diet plans and also thanking Rebecca and Karpagam for being with me throughout this journey motivating me each day with each meal virtually. This has made me look into life with much positivity and confidence. 😄😄😇 👏🏼✌🏼💐