Mr. Venkateshan A.,

(Government Employee, Bangalore)

Lose bad cholesterol without tablets, ask me how!

When I went to Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, for an Annual Medical Check-up on April 25, 2022, I was thrown out of gear by seeing some of the reports. Two years back, when I underwent the check up in the same hospital, my reports pointed out fatty liver grade-1 with not so normal cholesterol levels which had escalated to fatty liver grade-2 and shooting up of my cholesterol levels. My post prandial sugar level was much less than fasting sugar level. After seeing my report, the doctor had prescribed medicine for cholesterol and asked me to adopt to life style changes to tackle it. Somehow, I was not convinced in taking medicine which becomes an irretrievable process and did not go for it. When I shared this with my family, my daughter suggested me to consult Ms.Shiny Surendran, Chennai based Nutritionist, to see if my fatty liver and cholesterol levels could be brought down by her diet plan. Accordingly, I was asked to talk to her team mate, Ms.Pavithra Ravichandran on May 1, 2022 who sketched out a 40-days Diet Plan from May 2 to June 11. Initially, though I had apprehension how I would adopt to the plan, Ms. Pavithra guided me and reposed confidence in me throughout in implementing the diet plan strictly to its logical conclusion.

I was told that my April 25 blood glucose levels of post prandial more than fasting could have led to diabetics in the long run, which has been reversed in my June 12 results. Ms.Pavithra was also fully happy to see the outcome of the diet plan in containing my cholesterol levels. I am now on a support program to fully reverse fatty liver without consumption of any tablets which may take a few more months. Thanks to Ms. Shiny Surendran and Ms. Pavithra in my endeavour. Hope they have the right solution to serve many more persons.

Test April 25 June 12
Fasting Glucose 92 94
Post Prandial 81 102
Total Cholesterol 229 176
LDL 180 118
HDL 44 36
Triglycerides 118 98

On June 12, 2022, I was asked to undertake lab test to evaluate the results and mail it. I was happy and surprised by the outcome of the wonderful results which is:-