Ms. Shalini T S


First of all, a very big thanks to Shiny Ma'am who helped me to achieve my target by providing monthly diet plans. It was easy to follow as it was formed according to the food items that I have usually. I am 68kgs now from 81kgs. I not only reduced weight in kgs but also the size in inches. This was happened in a period of time with the guidance of Pavithra Ma'am and Karpagam Ma'am who motivated me to bring up to this level. I am feeling healthy now as I came to know what to eat and what not to eat. With the help of this diet plan, I had a big relief from stomach bloating. Also, I can able to see visible difference as my skin is looking shiny and my nails are growing longer than before. I am really happy now.☺️Thank you so much Ma'am.🙏