Ms. A S Santhanalakshmi.,

(Teacher, Chennai)

Hi. I am A.S. Santhanalakshmi. Due to stress, I gained weight and I too was a victim of PCOS. Struggling for help lead to even more stress. Finally, I came to know that my childhood friend Ms.Karpagam is a nutritionist and she is one among Shiny Mam's team. It was a dream come true for me, to get associated with Shiny mam and her team. Thanks to Shiny Mam and her team for bringing a lifestyle change in my life.

To begin with the transformation journey, Ms.Ishwarya had a detailed conversation with me to know my lifestyle habits, food habits. After which, I was given a detailed meal plan by Shiny Mam. Initially I felt, it might be taxing on me. But the plan was customised according to my health needs and it was very easy to follow the plan. I started finding a difference in me by the end of first three weeks, which gave me a great motivation to strictly follow the meal plan. I should thank Ms.Ishwarya and Ms.Karpagam for clearing my doubts very patiently and they are great motivators, which is very much needed during this journey. Ms. Ishwarya and Ms.Karpagam were always there to help me out whenever I needed help.

I began my journey when I was 65kg. And by the end of third month, I am 58.5kg. I feel so light and it really feels good to see our transformation. All that we need is to holistically follow the plan suggested by Shiny Mam.