Sangeetha NK


Weight loss is something that was suggested to me by my endocrinologist as I had goitre and was planning for the removal surgery. In addition, the ESR level was high and I was put on antibiotics. To reduce weight rapidly I was told to follow many types of diets like keto, intermittent fasting by many people but none of it worked out. Even if I lost few kilos, it started to bounce back. That is when my dermatologist Dr Renita referred Shiny and I got enrolled myself with the monthly programme. I also started watching her Instagram weekly sessions and it was like a reminder for me to stay on track and focus on healthy eating. I was 84 kg and came down to 79 kg through diet by eliminating certain foods which was found to be intolerant through elimination diet plan and from 79 kg I was advised by Shiny to focus on physical activity along with the diet. So, I started engaging myself with exercises and yoga. To my surprise my ESR levels dropped down along with weight and inch loss. My experience with Shiny’s team is not just a weight loss journey, it is an overall lifestyle change. I would like to thank Janani who guided me whenever I fell apart the track and Shiny ma’am for her constant care and support.