Ms. Sadhana Devi

(Student, Karaikudi)

I decided to lose my weight because I had my menstrual cycle messed up. My lifestyle was very poor. Before I decided to do this, I used to study late night and sleep only after 3.00 am. I know shiny mam through social media and decided to go for an online consultation. They asked me about my daily routine and foods that I don’t like. Then they gave me a meal plan and I started following that. Within a month I lost 4 kgs and my menstrual cycle became normal. I really enjoyed doing this because they gave me food varieties that I had never tried before. I became more active and I loved learning something new. If I had any doubts, I used to ask Karpagam mam and she clarified my doubts anytime. I have reduced from obese to normal weight. I am happy that I am able to wear anything without being uncomfortable. Consistency is the key. I am really grateful to Karpagam mam and Shiny mam.