I am Sheeba, 36 years old and a mother of 2 kids. I visited a dermatology clinic in the year 2021, regarding pigmentation near my neck region. The dermatologist consulted me and gave a referral for a nutritionist opinion stating the problem to be a metabolic disorder. I consulted Shiny's Art of Eating in the month of October 2021. They did a brief assessment to understand my eating & lifestyle habits based on which I was prescribed with a plan which was completely customised to my needs and food preferences. After having followed their plans with reviews at intervals, my insulin both fasting and post prandial reduced considerably from 15.95 to 7.76 and from 299.52 to 81.92 respectively. Not only did my insulin levels dropped but, my overall energy improved considerably and the pigmentation is bare minimum currently. I would say the journey was easy with no additional efforts needed to prepare anything away from what is being prepared at home on regular basis. I am happy and satisfied with the results obtained.