Mr & Mrs. Raghavan


I wish to record both on my behalf and that of my wife for such an amazing friendly and professional service / guidance by you and your team.

Both of us have been facing obesity for over 20 years. We have tried many fixes like natural therapy, met a couple of consultants in Chennai, Ayurvedic packs with little or very short-lived success. In your case what we loved is your sustained effort to knowledge transfer for a healthy and happy living. None of your efforts were ever business secrets. You made us conscious of right and wrong eating without ever objecting to anything we wanted to eat. You had patience with us for us to get it right. With your team’s help in last 10 months both of us have lost 20 kg plus and 12 kg plus with reduction in dress sizes from XXL to L. This was not in our dreams also. I will fail in my duty if I do not mention of your efforts to comfort and healthy eating in November 2020 when both of us were down with COVID. You went out of the way to arrange food supplies for us. 🙏🙏 Last but not the least I am personally touched by your honest business policy. It was very easy for you to continue consultancy and keep us billing but you have been honest to the core in saying knowledge transfer is complete and you are satisfied with our understanding and implementation of the same. You do not see any more value in dragging this process further. In today’s economic downturn such honesty is rare gem. We will need you in future for sure and we will keep coming on and off. I will be delighted to be used as a reference for any of your business promotions or contact references. With thanks a million.