Pradeep Sethupandian

I had gained a lot of weight rapidly due to my sedentary lifestyle and bad food choices, which then led to type II Diabetes. I had managed to lose 10-15 kg a couple of times only to see it climb back again higher soon after. I didn't know how to plan a sustainable and balanced diet, as much of the information available out there was often contradicting each other and I also had a nagging doubt if I'm following the right choices. I was struggling to control my weight and diabetes. That's when my doctor strongly recommended consulting with Ms.Shiny's clinic.

Ms.Janani, the nutritionist, who was assigned to me, was very helpful and constantly monitored and motivated me. Ms.Janani was always super positive and was definitely the person who was most excited to see my progress. She resolved any and all doubts and clarifications promptly and kept me from straying off the course. They also helped me incorporate food items I liked into the diet plan while still maintaining its efficiency.

After blindly following the meal plans and guidance provided by them for three months, I've lost 21 kilos and my hip size has shrunk by 10 cm. More importantly, my glucose levels have come down significantly and are in excellent control. My doctor has reduced my medication and said if I maintain this, I wouldn't need any medicines at all in the near future.

Besides that, I have also started to feel light and more active. Other annoying conditions like heartburn, bloated feeling, and incessant burps have gone down to almost nothing. I also sleep better. Other than these short-term gains, I have also developed a new outlook on food and how it affects my body. I've begun to appreciate healthy food items I've been avoiding all my life and rediscovered things I had stopped consuming because I had classified them as 'boring'. To my surprise most if not all of them are more palatable than I thought. I believe these things will help me sustain a healthy, balanced lifestyle in the long term.My only regret is not getting in touch with them much earlier.