Ms.Pavithra Natarajan.,

(Homemaker, Goa)

How true the saying there is "No gain without pain", when I commenced my diet regime with a determination and passion to make the weighing scale acceptable to me when I stood on it, I did not realise the torturous path ahead.

With a never said die spirit, I puffed, panted, pushed and poked to stay within the extremely narrow rigid boundaries set by the diet regime.

They were real task masters never even dreaming of a short pause & to step out from the described path.

Curse I did, scream I did and give up I almost did, but at the end of this roller coaster ride, I now stand fit as fiddle refreshed, energetic and a lot happier by making friends with my weighing scale.

Thank you very much for this taxing but yet a rewarding regime.

A special mention to Shiny, Karpagam and Ishwarya for the constant support, guidance and encouragement without whom, I would not have made healthy choices.

Results follow by:
Taking baby steps
Enjoying every meal
Having a positive mindset
Happy Dieting!