Dr. Neelam Naik


This is not a transformation story but an ongoing journey. Health is a lifestyle you choose and not something that can be achieved overnight. I am a doctor, we read a lot about nutrients and how they work, etc. but when it comes to applying it in our own life, we fail miserably. That’s why we need good nutritionists to help us and I’m really thankful to my favourite Mrs. Shiny Surendran and her team.

She is not someone who will just give you a diet plan but she will listen and understand your lifestyle, work pattern, food likings, family support and everything that might affect your food pattern. I was amazed how she manages those small details and also gives us the freedom to discuss if there is any issue with the plan. She makes sure we can do it with the resources available to us, especially as it was Covid time and I faced a lot of difficulty to arrange all the ingredients due to lockdown. She gave me many options which I could arrange locally.

And Ishwarya who was constantly with me, available anytime to solve my problems, giving me feedback on my food chart. Love you loads.

I am hypothyroid person and was having issues with my menstrual cycle and was eager to conceive. Their plan helped me regulate my cycles, improved my gut health, increased my energy levels, elevates my mood and so many things that I can’t write here. I conceived while on my 2nd month of the plan and I can’t express my happiness for everything they have given me.

I really enjoyed my new diet and even though I couldn’t follow it strictly during pregnancy, I tried to stick to the basics. Also, as Shiny ma’am always says, I took the help of a psychologist as I was lacking in motivation.

Can’t thank all of you enough but I promise to keep updating my journey.