Ms.Mrinal Iyer.,

( USA )

Working with Shiny and Karpagam has been the equivalent of "looking for a penny and finding a pound." started with the intention of reducing fat (after a decade of failed attempts), but came out with many more successes, ranging from better a better understanding of the gut, enhanced athletic performance and more productivity at work. have been a hobbyist athlete for over a decade, running marathons, triathlons and more.

So, intensity was not something I lacked. Despite this, I had a peculiar problem of high body fat (30%) and a low BMI of 20 Karpagam correctly identified a mild gluten and dairy intolerance, brought many small and easy to follow diet changes and stabilized my calorie intake. She followed this up with intermittent fasts. The net gain was me being able to cut 6 inches off my belly with only a 1.5 kg drop in overall weight.

The body fat dropped substantially and got replaced with muscle. The whole diet plan was sustainable and with achievable modifications that didn't interfere much with overall lifestyle. Miraculously, any craving for fried, salty or sugary foods also went away. There is a lot of (often contradictory) information available for weight loss today and I am glad I met Karpagam who could advise and guide through something that actually works.

The experience has been life changing and my only regret is that I didn't know this earlier. I strongly recommend this to everyone, whether you're an athlete, a corporate worker or in something else. This will really help you !