Mr. Mohammad Shadab Anwar.,

Being fit and healthy was always my goal but I love my food too. In this process, I did not realise when I had put on fats and not muscles. I would not fit in my favourite shirt. I even faced few health issues like palpitation, back pain, etc. My uric acid level would shoot up and then I would get joint pain. It was high time. I came to know about ART of Eating clinic through one of my colleague. I was given certain diet plan and instructions to make a habit of walking. The diet plan was well adjusted with my choice of food too.

Special thanks to Rebecca and Karpagam for keeping in constant touch with me to check on my food habits, quantity of food, steps that I walked each day, etc.

In three months time I lost 10 kgs and feel lighter now. I can fit in my favourite clothes. Most importantly I have adopted a better food habit which will stay with me forever.