(IT Professional, Sydney)

As soon as we hear the word “Diet” things that come in mind are cutting down all tasty and favourite food, having very less portion of food, starving with boring salads with tasteless juice! All these myths were broken from day 1 of my diet plan. I enjoyed my diet without missing my favourite foods.

During diet I had tasty, healthy food and eventually my health improved, and weight loss happened. I was able to get all these good results within a month time. This journey with Shiny and her team thought me more than following the diet. I can understand how to maintain a healthy gut. The most appreciable thing regarding the diet is, it is not a short-term practice to achieve some goal. This diet plan is consistent, sustainable and I can follow throughout my life.

Thanks to Karpagam mam for clearing all my clarifications then and there. She gave so many healthy and good options as per my taste. So, I was able to cook it when I am at home, and I was able to choose wisely from restaurants when I was on my vacation. My diet plan was tailored as per my taste and I after starting to follow it I can see the magic happening in me.

I achieved weight loss, healthy gut and one thing I value the most is increase in my Stamina. Normally my energy level drops down after lunch break in office. When the time I reach home in evening after travelling by public transport all I need is some food and sleep. But now I can very evidentially see that I am always ready to go for evening walk followed by dinner preparation. I feel like the cartoon character Popeye after he eats spinach!

Thanks to Shiny madam, Karpagam madam and all the team members. I wish to acknowledge and appreciate their sincere service. No wonder that now my husband has joined this journey and he is also enjoying the health benefits due to the diet. We as a couple understand the basics of diet and value our connection with Shiny and Karpagam. I believe soon my husband will write you back about his experience.

I definitely recommend anyone of any age to consider connecting these great dieticians to gain knowledge on food, healthy gut and balanced diet.