Mr. Karthik

(Banking Company,Chennai)

I pen down my gratitude for the Team-CHISEL's impeccable guidance and approach in meeting a herculean objective of achieving a weight decline requirement. I was always wondering the likelihood of achieving tangible results from a colossal 99kg to a more realistic number. Today am here to highlight the wonderful transformation to a whopping 82kgs on a 6 months scale, which would not have been possible without a collective team effort. Here goes my sincere thanks to the assigned mentor Ms Pavithra and timely interjections by Ms Karpagam. They have been always there to support morally, ethically, unequivocally. More notably they showed the direction and seeded inspiration as I walked through this weight reduction wellness journey. On the other hand, my wife was very supportive in ensuring to comply with the meal front and even ventured into making offbeat dishes using millets and Amaranth, fruits. My mother will always remind me before lunch specifically to click a photo which was the proof of the pudding to C team for me to convince and stay put on this path. Rare to say there was never a time I missed any feedback on those photos and was promptly reverted with accolades to improvements. Along with this got hooked to walking and occasional workout like cycling once a week further enabled and charged me to avoid distractions in the run up to the core objective. There is still opportunity to further improve in this journey and more importantly sustaining it with the maintenance chart provided by this team that I have embarked now. Thanks to this team and in particular Ms Shiny mam in building and driving this movement of holistic wellness πŸ™πŸ™