I am very happy and satisfied with the entire three months food and lifestyle change journey with Shiny ma'am and Karpagam ma'am. I am sure I would not have achieved this much of an inch and weight loss even if I had tried dieting on my own. Previously I have never monitored how my body reacts to certain foods and that was my biggest learning from this whole process. The best thing that happened to me during this Covid period is choosing Shiny mam’s programme and yoga. More than weight loss, I am very happy that I reversed both my haemorrhoids and constipation problem solely through food and lifestyle change without the help of any doctors or medications. I should definitely mention that Karpagam ma'am was easy going and made me feel very comfortable to freely discuss any issues I had just like how I would talk to my sister. I am very grateful for her guidance and patience in helping me build a life with proper habits and a good routine.