Ms Akshaya


As an obese person throughout my life, I have tried various fad diets in desperation to lose weight, only to ruin the health. When you grow old you start understanding weight alone doesn't matter, your health matters the most. I have been following shiny mam, for a long time, but never had the audacity to commit. Finally, one day I owed myself my health and contacted Karpagam mam. Things did start changing after that. My back pain reduced drastically, my menstrual cycle fell in place, my inflammations have reduced, I did lose weight in this journey as well. I lost around 7-8kgs in 3 months. I love the way that the diet plan has become my lifestyle. Even after the program is over, I am still committed to the way I prepare my meal and what I put inside my body. So, it's a winning situation for me. My hearty thanks to Shiny mam and special thanks to Karpagam mam for being committed to me in my journey, monitoring my meal plates, giving suggestions and clarifying my doubts. Thanks a ton ❤️